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In space no one can see you bleed

The year is 2062, and mankind has begun to colonize the solar system. Despite what Sci Fi would have you believe our single solar system is so incredibly vast and underutilized that it could easily occupy us for the next 100 years. Technology has advanced asymmetrically with heavy advances in hard sciences dealing with rocketry, life support, solar power and exploitation while other sciences have lagged behind or even regressed.

Mankind has spread through the system as far as Uranus officially though rumors persist of special company/ government entities possessing solar cells efficient enough to function even further out. The vast majority of these colony units are for mining purposes, though several residential habitats have recently come into being.

Otherwise one of the primary benefits of deep space is that it acts as a natural containment system for otherwise dangerous activities. Many entities have reason to conduct completely isolated tests, and many would prefer that these tests remain completely undiscovered especially when things go awry.

To combat issues that arise from an unprotected/ indefensible frontier the nations of the world created the Wardens. A group of pseudo police who operate as a frontier justice carrying out the roles of investigator, judge, and jury.

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